Jun 292012

¸„ø¤º°¨ Serious Questionº¤ø„¸

…it’s true we all tend to surround ourselves with people like us.  It’s an evolution thing. Do you think NASCAR would exist if the first asshole who suggested a “sport” of driving in a big circle for 5 hours had friends owning non-vrooom-related interests? This is why we should all try to be aware that the outside-of-my-group community is different from in.

I claim no immunity; I get loads of positive feedback about my awesome fontro-mancy, so I continue to think it’s a good idea and never notice it might be an affectation. What I’m eventually trying to convey is that Freethoughtblahgs is a xenophobic echo chamber slightly less “spin-free” than Fox News. and I have proof. I made a spoken-word video of my Sexism post here and contrasted it’s reception on YouTube with the response of FU Taylor, who is most representative of FTBlahgs.

Here's a graph I made. I make a lot of graphs.

There you have it. Prima facie, non-sequitir, e pluribus unum. By showing that people who flock to my interweb outlet like me better than those who accumulate at FU’s domain, I’ve proven that FTBlahgs is way off-base and that my fans alone are representative of the rationalist community. Ispo, fatso:

1. FTB spends far too much time on sexism as compared to other important issues. For example, I posted this because free speech:

Mo' Penis, Mo' free speech problems

2. Anyone who offers principled disagreement on a matter of sexism are attacked with vitriol, branding, and strawmen, no matter how clever their text mark-up or how charming their accent. This is more like being big mean pricks than being “freethoughtblahgs”.

  23 Responses to “Is this ‘Freethoughtblahgs’, or ‘Totalitarian nazi fascist commie-thought blahgs’?”

  1. your privilege is showing. checkmate.

  2. Don’t listen to them, BF! FU’s strawman smearjob is paper thin. I found this hard to follow though, with all the words and stuff. can you make it youtube like before?

  3. If you think there is anything wrong with any blogger on this network, why would you have agree to be here? troll.

  4. I like that picture of you sitting down with FU. It’s like that one CNN vid where Donald Rumsfeld is shaking hands with Saddam. You’re Saddam. Prepare to be judged, fuckles.

  5. Is this for real? What am I looking at here?

  6. @Mansplainerer well put sir, ma’am or nonspecifically genderfluid individual.

  7. As a fellow FTB’r welcome, and please fuck off now, you clearly don’t get it.

  8. You don’t get it so hard that it would be a total waste of time trying to explain anything to you. So instead, piss off, which I think you might understand.

  9. I think there might be something to one or two of your points and I’d like to discus- hahaha oh man sorry I almost said that without LOLing. You’re clueless. Clueless about FTB, about FU, about women and probably about 80’s rock which is infinitely worse. Piss.Off.

  10. Your privelege is showing, Blunderfoot. Clearly FU Taylor made a big mistake inviting you to FTB.

  11. You so don’t get it, BF. You and it are light-years apart here. You wouldn’t even get it if you were looking right at it. I couldn’t even explain it to you and I’m an excellent communicator, who doesn’t ramble on about people not getting it.

    I get it though.

  12. this is mildly amusing but where are the rest of the bloggers? Come on, this is a poor showing. FTB has, like, thirty something blogs or something! Get to work! You only have six blogs, and you missed some of the best.

  13. Porcupine.

  14. Have I not mentioned that someone wants to kick me in the cunt in the last five minutes?
    If not, it’s worth pointing out again: someone wants to kick me in the cunt!!!!!!!!! THE CUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNT!!!!!!!!!

    • I must remind you that the comment posting rules clearly state that references to cunt kicking is limited to twice per thread. (Except for on casual Friday, then it’s 5)

      You’ve been warned.

  15. Logical fallacy blunderfoot. You need saved or i can’t be your friend anymore, my wife says so. If this link doesn’t convince you i don’t know what will


  16. Blinderfoot i got you so hard u utube lolz noob suck on this and ure rape joke


  17. I see it did not take long for you to completely fuck up. Do you do this for a living?

  18. Why is this PUA’s manblog still here??? For the sake of free speech, free thought and the dignity of of wombyns, it’s time you were airbrushed out of history.

    • Isn’t it obvious? To maximize the shaming, and to serve as a warning to others as to what won’t be tolerated here. Also, you’re not allowed to email people threatening letters; it’s still OK to coax your fans into doing it, though. clear?

      • Problem? Not. Alles klar. I consider myself duly chastised. I have listened reconsidered and I apologize. As an Ophelian Mother of the Feminist Gynosphere I salute your superior feministic wisdom. Unless you are a man, of course. In which case you can go fuck yourself, you shit speckled mansplainer!

  19. Cool TF how did you manage to blag your way onto this site, Just make a post about harassment and you will be coining it in, top bloke.

  20. Typical sexist islamaphobe, doesn’t have a clue about tasteful use of allcaps.Fuck you.FUCK YOU!FUCK YOU!FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

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