Jul 052012

This a real shocker, I’m sure. According to an article published in Psychology Today, sluttiness is the single biggest risk factor for exposure to social shaming (being a “radical feminist” is a close second).  To quote the author,

We found that promiscuous, self-destructive sex habits, a preference for wildly inappropriate attire lifted largely from “Jersey Shore,” and a strong preference for being the center of attention at all times correlated most strongly with frequency and severity of shaming (p<.01).

Normally I don’t put much stock in the “science” of psychology. Much of it is perpetrated by frauds who attempt to spread lies about men and women having differences other than those caused by socialization which enables the continued oppression of women. Sure, they claim to have studies and evidence, but the tobacco industry also used to say that smoking was good for you. So much for your evidence, Mr. Scientist. Once in a while, though, you find an honest, non-delusional psychologist. She is no doubt constantly harassed by her man-splaining cohorts, but this is a bit of a tangent.

This study just confirms what I have been saying for years: We need to stop blaming and shaming our nation’s skanks. They have every right to dress how they like, to guide young suitors to third base right on the dance floor, and soil themselves in a drunken stupor on the sidewalk. A world full of Snookies has always been the promise of feminism. Do we want to live in a world, where drunken sluts can make-out with each other for attention, without fear of derision from people whose daddy stuck around and loved them? I think we do. They should also grind a little.

Look, these depraved whores are our sisters, our mothers, our aunts, our friends, and ourselves. Sluts are the most at risk for shaming, and that’s why they need the most support of all.  Have we learned nothing from Slutwalk?

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  1. guess it just goes to show, there some good in everything, even in psychology. huh.

  2. omg THANK YOU. My sister is a huge skank. Half the time when she comes home hammered she makes a pass at me before vomiting in the bath tub and falling asleep there. She has a hard enough time with my judging her though. I support my self-destructively slutty sister.

  3. I blame puritanical Christians. Or puritanical muslims; possibly puritanical Navajo’s. Yeah I live on a reservation and need to talk about it in every post.

  4. I’d like to see the standard deviation before I make a judgment on this important scientific finding. Hot skank-related science is only good if we do it right.

  5. That’s better.

  6. I, for one, plan to hit Score’s later and may my respects to all the bitches in the ditches. If by ditches you mean champagne room. Either way, lots of respeck.

  7. My dogs are total skanks, too. How come no one talks about that?

    • Look Beavistrice, we all know pet sexuality is an important topic. However, we’re not pet activists. We need to focus on the equitable treatment of women. The good news though, is that feminism is airy and nebulous, and apparently applies to everything. What does it mean to be a pet? How is pet ownership gendered? You see? everyone wins.

  8. Eh I have fewer chins than EVER b4 jerk

  9. I think we should all give thanks to trailblazers like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. They knew they’d face ugly prejudice every time they so much as puked in a park fountain, but they were still willing to push the boundaries. THey’re the greatest heroes of our time.

  10. Well said. Yes, I have nothing to actually contribute.

  11. sigh. Will people never learn?

  12. First they came for the whores and I said nothing, because I was not a whore…

  13. eh this is just rehash of an alternet post. By which I mean, LOVE IT.

  14. More Snooki, less shame!

  15. I love science. thanks for writing this Gina!

  16. I’ve still got my glitter-thong. I’m up for a slutwalk.

  17. My mother was a whore, rest her soul. I love you, skank moma!

  18. I <3 sluts. though really, that's about all I can get.

  19. I’ve got the biggest vagina of them all! No man can out-vagina me, not PZ, not Greg Laden, nobody!!!

  20. One of my best friends tried to shame me. I no longer talk to her. She was having sex with a really hot guy and I wanted to get some lovin myself. When she was out of town on vacation I climbed into the window of his bedroom and we did the bop all night. Then the guy turned out to be a real douche. He thought that since we had sex he was my boyfriend. What a fricken prude. When my old best friend got home she called me an “f’in whore”. I can’t believe how shitty people can behave!

  21. this is mildly amusing but where are the rest of the bloggers? Come on, this is a poor showing. FTB has, like, thirty something blogs or something! Get to work! You only have six blogs, and you missed some of the best.

    I can’t even tell who this is supposed to be. Come on, if it’s going to be funny it has to make sense. a little clarity here, or are you just inventing wholesale and not even trying for parody?

    • Jesus Faggot… are you just gonna douche up this place? Make a contribution or shut the fuck up… Dick!

      • No gendered insults you fucking lying fuck. Everyone has an ass so you’re a fucking lying ass so stick a fucking lying porcupine up it you fucking liar.

  22. Gina thought you’d want to know that insufferable joe is making rape jokes about you. Can we get him banned from the conferences we control he isn’t an ally


  23. Is “Snookie” supposed to be another word for Slimepit? I can’t keep up with the slang you young whipper-snappers are using these days. I just found out “pussy” doesn’t necessarily refer to a woman’s can’t. Who knew?

    P.S. I’ve still got my glitter-thong too.

  24. At this point I don’t even need to read a post to know if it’s wrong, I just have to look through the comments to see who agrees with it and just how much praise they put upon it.

  25. “studies and evidence, but the tobacco industry also used to say that smoking was good for you. So much for your evidence, Mr. Scientist. ”

    This. A thousand times this. You always have to put science in its appropriate historical and social context, especially when it is just used to oppress people. Science that is politically inconvenient cannot be true. I don’t say this often, but I applaud your post. Thank you for this. Never stop being awesome.

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