Unlikely Quotes from The Dark Knight Rises

 Posted by at 8:27 pm on July 13, 2012
Jul 132012

To get you pumped for batman, and because this blog is basically my Firefox Browser history in blog format.

  10 Responses to “Unlikely Quotes from The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. this is mildly amusing but where are the rest of the bloggers? Come on, this is a poor showing. FTB has, like, thirty something blogs or something! Get to work! You only have six blogs, and you missed some of the best.

  2. Worst film ever in the history of films ever. Too many racial stereotypes, dark knight with a big black car anyone? There is nothing to do with atheism in this movie at all, and the science in the bat cave is whack, plus there’s no gay sex. Film fail.

  3. I am the reely reel JT (of What Would JT Do – you’d best learn I am the lord your god pretty damn quick bitches!) – and I am OUTRAGED by this parody siite – you have not even MENTIONED my latest SMACKDOWN post where I send a bitchy letter to a school threatening them with a lawsuit and demanding meetings with people from my organisation or I will SUE! I was TOTALLY BADDASS in that letter I AM A HARDCORE BADASS AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT.

    - JT (the real one… honest)

    • You the superbomb mr jt. Does all that hero shit get you the cheer girls. You can hardcore smackdown my ass anytime. Just fill out form 20p at the desk, in triplicate acknowledging my right to call you a sexist pig after i’ve used you for your hero junk.

      • That’s disgusting. Only a ‘Chill Girl’ tm would label someone with a label like ‘cheer girls’. You Chill Girl. You don’t care about sexism do you? TRIPLICATE? How about OCTUPLET, you dangerous hussy.

  4. I’m getting the popcorn for this, greasy buttery popcorn to coincide with my greasy disposition.

  5. Where’s Robin it is just not the same without him.

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